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4 Things Your Pet Business Website Needs

Many small pet businesses underestimate the value of having a website and postpone investing in a professional online home for their business.

However, a website is one of the most important marketing assets your pet business has. And done correctly, your website can be your number one source for new clients.

A carefully crafted website will not only advertise your products and services effectively it will build vital trust with potential clients.

Your website is open all day, every day – working and promoting you while you are busy taking care of your pet clients.

So, you how do you create a professional website that works for your pet business instead of against it?

And there are a number of ways you can create the ideal website for your pet business a good design being one. But just having a looking website isn’t enough. Today I’m going to discuss 4 things your pet business website needs to have.

1 // A Services Page

When someone stumbles onto your website from Google or other search engines, they are looking for information. They may be seeking a dog groomer, pet sitter or someone to walk their dog, to help them choose you, you need to highlight the services you provide.

With pet businesses being such a growing market you need to stand out amongst similar businesses in your local area. A clear and concise services page that outlines exactly what you provide will help potential clients understand if you are the perfect choice for them.

By explaining each of your services you can target the right clients for your business as they will know instantly if you can provide what they need. Adding a quick and easy way to take action by calling or emailing you should also be added on the services page.

2 // Contact Details & Social Media

Have you ever been on a website and struggled to find any way to contact the business? If you are nodding yes, then you’ll know how frustrating that can be.

That’s why it is good practice to include your contact information prominently in various locations throughout your website.

If you are on any social media websites, then add the links to these on your website pages as well. This will help people connect with you on their favourite social platforms.

3 // A Blog

Blogging can be a daunting task for most people. Many small business owners don’t know exactly what a blog is or have no clue what you could even write about. Finding time on a regular basis to write posts can also be difficult when you are trying to take care of your pet clients and all your other business tasks. And I completely understand that.

But what if I said that a blog can be a huge asset to your website.

A blog allows you to connect with your audience through the articles that you write and post. Using a blog to help your readers is a great way to show them that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Making it the perfect way to turn those readers into clients.

Blogging also makes search engines like Google happy. Updating your website with high-quality, relevant content will help improve the chance of someone finding you through Google.

4 // Testimonials & Photos

Another good way to show that you are a professional and trustworthy business is to include testimonials and photos from happy clients on your website.

Testimonials go a long way to helping people make the decision to choose your business over another. Reading comments from other pet owners about their experiences of your services and products can be all they need to make up their mind.

Including a photo gallery of your clients whether they have been freshly groomed or having a great time out on their walk will show that you are a legitimate business.

Final Thoughts…

Investing in your website with a professional design and a marketing strategy can really make the world of difference to your pet business. Take some time to look over your website and see if there is room for improvement – could you add in some testimonials from clients or maybe a blog would be a excellent addition.

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