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How to setup a Facebook profile for your pet business

Facebook is usually the first place you go to when marketing your new pet business. It’s free, full of potential clients and a quick way to get yourself out there.

Is it the best option for marketing your pet business? Yes, but only if you set up your page correctly.

1. Choose a template

Facebook has a selection of 10-page templates you can choose from including services, business, shopping and non-profit. As a pet business, the ‘services’ template will suit best if you are a dog walker, dog groomer, pet sitter, pet photographer and the ‘shopping’ if you’re a pet shop.

The templates give you certain default buttons and tabs for your page.
You can rearrange and add new tabs at any time.

2. Add a profile and cover photo

The best profile and cover photos are clear and simple. Your logo, photo of your clients or a professional photo of you are recommended. Remember, it’s a tiny thumbnail so complex logos or text are unreadable.

The profile photo is set to 180×180 pixels and the cover is 820×312 pixels. A photo editing app like Canva can help you design the profile and cover photo easily using their free templates and graphics.

Facebook cover photos can be a slideshow of multiple images or even a video. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s authentic and represents your business.

3. Add your location

Your location is important but often missed aspect on Facebook pages. Make sure you add your location in your bio and on the about page.

I’ve seen many business pages and targeted ads with no visible location anywhere on the profile. As a pet business often operating within a particular location, not having that detail can frustrate potential followers.

If you don’t want to put your home address, use the ‘service area’ section to add up to 10 areas you work within.

4. Add your services

Facebook has a handy services section available to business pages. You can add your service, a description, price and a photo. This gives people instant information on what you offer.

5. Set a call to action button

Give potential clients a quick and easy way to contact you by adding a call to action button on your profile. The button is shown at the top of the page and can be to make a booking, contact you, learn more about you or shop with you.

6. Write a description

Use the short description and story sections of your Facebook page to let people know a little more about you. This is particularly important your page is the only online presence you have.

The short description is 255 characters. Make sure it packs a punch and lets people know – what you do and where you do it. You can flesh out your information on the story section including more about you, what you offer and the benefits of choosing you to help with their pet.

7. Add a username

By default, your Facebook URL isn’t user-friendly. Change to something easier for people to find when searching. The name of your pet business is the most logical username to use.

If your username is taken you’ll need to get your thinking cap on. One possible option is to include your location along with your business name e.g DogWalkerEdinburgh or PetSitterLondon. The simpler the better.

8. Fill in the about page

Facebook lets you add a lot of information about your business, so get it on there. Fill in all your contact details (email, phone, website, address), other social profiles, awards, launch date, team members etc. Give potential clients all the information they need about you and your pet services.

Now, get posting…

Now that you have all your information added to your page, you can start posting content. And growing your audience.

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