5 Best Healthy Dog Treats

I don’t know about you but I prefer to give my beloved pooches treats that are not only tasty but also made from real ingredients.

So many dog treats and biscuits contain preservatives and chemicals that make them the equivalent of doggy junk food. Thankfully, there is now an amazing selection of yummy and healthy dog treats available.

And, today I’m sharing some of my favourite dogs treat suppliers.

5 Best Healthy Dog Treats

Billy + Margot

Photo Credit: Billy + Margot

Billy + Margot are a British company who pride themselves on producing ‘nutritious, healthy and delicious treats and food for dogs’.  You can find a whole range of dog food products from wet food and training treats to doggy ice cream and popcorn.  Check out their full range on the Billy + Margot website.

Lily’s Kitchen

Photo Credit: Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen promise to deliver ‘natural, delicious, wholesome food for dogs and cats’ and they do just that. All the food and treats use natural ingredients and are approved by vets and nutritionists.  Visit the Lily’s Kitchen website for a peek at all their dog and cat food products.

Harry’s Gourmet Dog Treats

Photo Credit: Harry’s Treats

Harry’s Treats Dog Bakery is located in Edinburgh and that’s where all their treats are handmade.  The dog treats are free from artificial colourings and preservatives, and contain only high quality, human grade ingredients.  Visit the Harry’s Treats website to see their full range or visit the Edinburgh shop if you are in the area.


Photo Credit: Pooch’s

Pooch’s treats are made in the UK and have been carefully developed to be the ‘tastiest natural treat for your pooch!’.  There are lots of flavours and varieties so you are sure to find the perfect choice for your dog.  Check out the Pooch’s website for full details.

Green and Wilds

Photo Credit: Green and Wilds

Green and Wilds is a British company who provide dog products that are natural, healthy and only use ‘good, wholesome honest ingredients’.  From food, chews to treats and pet snacks your dog will love these products.  Visit the Green and Wilds website to find out more about them and the products they provide.

That’s my top 5 best healthy dog treats… now tell me yours! What tasty treats does your dog love? 

Oh and don’t forget to check out the products above and treat your pooch!

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