About Me

Designer for pet businesses in the UK

Hello and welcome to Mutley’s Marketing. My name is Claire Cheyne and from my Scottish design studio, I provide professional website design and branding services to pet businesses.

For over 14 years I have worked with small businesses designing branding and websites to market their products and services.

In 2015, I decided to launch Mutley’s Marketing to specialise in design for pet businesses. After working in dog rescue for many years and learning about the pet industry, I knew this was an area that I would love to be involved in.

I’ve been lucky to work with pet businesses of all types including dog groomers, dog trainers, animal behaviourists, dog day care providers and pet photographers.

I can help your pet business

  • develop a unique brand that gets you noticed.
  • grow online by designing a strategic website.
  • improve your marketing – online and offline.
  • reach your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers.
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Favourite things : Forests, Kong balls, Biscuits,

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